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See a preview of Susamma Chacko's books, or buy them here. 

Azhathinte Anugraham

Realize the depth and blessings of walking in Christ. 

Jehovah Rapha

Jehovah Rapha is the first books that Susamma Chacko has written. She writes about the miraculous healing power God has for his children. She writes about her healing and examples from the Bible as well. (Online version not available)

Jeshurunte Daivam

This is the most popular book of Susamma Chacko. The book explains twenty characteristics of our beloved Lord. These thoughts strengthen our faith.

Udanja Pathram

God specializes in using broken vessels, trashed by the world.  Is your life broken, do you think you are beyond repair?  Give your life to God, and see how beautifully he molds you into a beautiful honorable vessel. (Book not available to read online) 

Thuranna Swargam

Heaven is open. Get a good glimpse of what God has for you. 

Maranjirikkuna Manna

God's word is our breakfast, and our nourishing food for growing in Christ. Discover how to grow more in the Lord. This is the second part to Jeshurunte Daivam detailing another twenty characteristics of our beloved God.

Jesus Through The 66 Books

The truths of Christ are present in all 66 books of the bible, and now they are all explained in Susamma Chacko's book. 

Hrudayathile Subhavachanam 

There is nothing in the whole world like the Holy Scriptures to strengthen and encourage us in our lives. This book is the collection of twenty articles which contribute to give us encouragement and new strength.

Angente Priya Daivam

How can we express gratitude to our God? The best way is to humble ourselves and praise Him as a child would. Susamma Chacko has explained in this book the many names of God, and how we can be children of this loving God. 

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Ezhinte Anugraham

In the bible there are truths and blessings often given in sevens. This book teaches of some of the blessings the bible promises in sevens. 
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