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When God is Your Best Friend

I hope you will enjoy my first blog. My passion is to write about my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. He means everything to me. He is my best friend. He is a living reality to me and not a myth. I have experienced His loving care all my life. The very first thing I am going to share with you is an article I have written twenty years ago.

The Lord is with thee. (Luke. 1: 28)

The greatest privilege of any person is that he is able to realize that God’s presence is with him. The person be it a man or woman, if he or she is chosen by God, is always covered by God’s presence. God leads, guides and teaches His own people.

I God’s leading

Lord our God is walking ahead of us leading our way. This is what happened when He led lakhs and lakhs of people under the leadership of Moses through the desert. (Deutronomy.8:2) He led through very hard situations and places with a definite purpose to teach and instruct them. Affluence alone does not help a man or woman to be a worthy person. The hardships always develop personality. To be with God in afflictions is an enriching experience in every way.

He leads us not only through hard paths but also through plain paths.(Psalms.27:11)

He also leads the way like a shepherd. A shepherd always walks before his own sheep leading the way. (John.10:4) The security of the sheep lies in following the shepherd unconditionally.

II His guidance (Isiah 30:21)

Your ears shall hear a word behind you saying “this is the way, walk in it” He is right behind us directing our way. If we trust Him totally and commit our way unconditionally to Him it is His promise that He will direct our paths. (Proverbs. 3:5,6)

Even unto the end of our life this God is our guide (Psalms. 48:14)

This Lord will guide us continually (Isiah. 58: 11) He will satisfy us in all situations.

He always guides us with wise counsel. (Psalms. 73: 24) His still small voice is still following us from behind. (Isiah. 30:21)

III He is the one who walks along with us in our troubles and confusions (Luke.24;11)

After Jesus resurrected from the dead his disciples still were not convinced. Two of them took a journey to Emmaus. On the way they were arguing about all the happenings of the previous week. Then Jesus drew near and walked along with them as a stranger. He initiated the conversation and they shared all their confusions and sorrows with Him. He opened the holy scriptures to them and explained all the prophecies concerning Him. His companionship on the journey was more than sufficient to clear all their doubts. Their despair was turned into rejoicing. In our walk through this world, there is no scope for despair, defeat or despondency in His companionship. When he walks along with us His presence opens our inner eyes and understanding.

IV He is with us in our inactive moments.

He is with us when we are on our sick beds, relaxing moods, bereavements etc. Isn’t it wonderful to see how God came to Jacob when he was sleeping in the forest in his dejected state of mind. God spoke to him and gave him promises regarding his future. God renewed His covenant with him. (Genesis. 28) When Moses was very tired and desolate He promised His presence and rest to Him. (Exodus.33: 14)

V His delivering presence

In fiery trials His presence is there to deliver His children. See how Lord came down as the fourth one in the furnace where King Nebuchednezer threw the three young Hebrew men. (Daniel. 3:24,25)

When the chosen one passes through waters His presence is with him. When he passes through rivers, they shall not overflow him. When he walks through fire, he shall not be burned. The scorching fire will not hurt him. (Isiah 43: 1, 2)

He has promised His presence to us till the end of the world. (Mathew. 28: 20)

VI His presence in carrying us (Isiah 46: 3)

The Lord has promised that He will carry us even unto grey hairs. Deutronomy 32:11 reveals that Lord carries us just as a mother eagle carries her eaglets.The eagle has strong and broad wings. When she finds that it is time for her children to learn to fly, she topples her own nest. Only then the eaglets will learn to fly. When the little birds get tired, the mother comes swiftly under the little ones and carries them on her broad wings and soars high. After sometime the whole process is repeated till they lern to fly. Not even a single eaglet falls to ground. Just like that God sometimes allows our comfortable lives to be shaken so that we develop our own prayer life and faith. Then our two wings of surrender and trust stretch out and we learn to pray and be strong in our own faith. However the Lord is always watching His children in adversity and carries them in His eternal arms so that they are not perished.

The Eternal God is your refuge and underneath are His everlasting arms. (Deuteronomy.33: 27)

Moreover He has promised to carry our burdens daily. (Psalms. 55:22, 68:19)

He has promised to carry our anxieties and cares. (1. Peter. 5: 7)

He has promised to carry our griefs, sorrows and sicknesses. (Isiah. 53:4)

Dear friend, what more do you want in this world? We have such a loving Lord who is always there to help us. Accepting His love and care is your own choice. Are you willing to try that?

Susamma Chacko

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