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The Four Callings

The Lord calls his children with four different kinds of calls. Which one would you respond to?

ISIAH . 55: 1 – 3 gives this call clearly. “Oh everyone who thirsts, Come to the waters. And you who have no money, Come, buy and eat. Yes, Come, buy wine and milk without money and price.......Incline your ear and Come to Me. Hear and your soul shall live.”

This text is a direct call from God. This invitation is only for those who thirst and have no money to pay for the drinks offered! Yes we see the illustration of grace of God supplied abundantly and universal to everyone.

1. Universal Call - Come to the waters:

Those who are thirsty are invited to overflowing waters, not to trickles or streams. This is a universal call to everyone who is needy. We have learnt from childhood that there are three basic needs for every man namely food, clothing and shelter. The Bible visualises another vital need present in every man which is the thirst of the Spirit. This is an acute need of the spirit or soul present in every man or woman. Our God is the only one who can satisfy this deepest need of the spirit. Anyone who answers this call can have this deepest need satisfied.

2. Free Call – Come, buy and eat

The Lord knows that the recipients have no money to offer the Lord. So He makes the call free. It does not bother Him that they have no money to buy the water. The option is totally on the part of the thirsty one how to respond to this call.

3. Abundant Call Yes, Come, buy wine and milk without money or price...

Everything is offered free of cost. The best things like wine and milk are offered free of cost. In this world we see that nothing is free. You have to pay for every service or product, or at least offer something in exchange. All that is required of the invitees is to come, buy and enjoy. This call is not compulsory, but completely optional. The person can either accept or reject the offer. The only hope for satisfaction is in inclining the ear, hearkening diligently and in responding to Him wholeheartedly.

4. Personal Call Come to me. Hear and your soul shall live.

As if all the above exhortations are not sufficient, Lord makes the invitation very clear. He points Himself to be the source. He asks the people why they spend their energies wastefully for that which never satisfies anyone. Lord is waiting patiently for those who are willing to accept His invitation. Have you accepted this invitation? If you haven't, accept today itself and come to great enjoyment of His presence, provision and protection.

More about God's call in the next blog post.

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