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You are a Precious Garden

Have you ever realised that you are a precious garden ? Let me explain this garden today. Please read Song of Songs 4: 12 to 16. “ A garden enclosed is my sister, my spouse”. The description of the beautiful fruits and trees are given in verses 13- 14.

Pomegranates with pleasant fruits

Camphire with spikenard

Calamus and cinnamon

With all trees of frankincense

Myre and aloes with all chief spices...

Such a beautiful garden! Don’t you feel proud of being called this garden?The point is that the bride of Christ is compared to this very beautiful garden pleasing to eyes, nourishing and refreshing to everyone who comes into contact with her! A very sweet smell is spread from this garden always.

This garden is very protected. It is a fenced and enclosed garden. No stray animals or wayward people can get into it. Only the owner who has sole authority can enjoy this garden. It is specially separated for the enjoyment of its owner. He alone can come in and go out as He wills. This garden which represents every Christian is totally created for Him.

In spite of all this previleges, the garden ie the bride of Christ calls for the north wind and south wind to blow on it very hard. North wind is a cooling wind where as south wind is hot wind. (Job: 37: 9) Do you realise the effect of very strong winds from opposite directions - very cool winds and very hot winds – striking upon the garden? The garden will be tossed hard in both directions in the violent storms from north and south. Seeds will be broken and loosed from the trees and will be scattered in all directions spreading sweet fragrance to long distances. And this is possible only if the strong winds blow from opposite directions.

When problems arise, we are shaken this way and that way. Each crisis is an occasion to taste the goodness of the Lord and to spread His fragrance. Please note verse 16 which is the concluding sentence of that chapter. When the storms beat on “MY” garden it is transformed into “HIS” garden. That is the wonderful result of this crisis ie., to be transformed into the likeness of our Lord. There comes a stage for every child of God when he or she can say that it is no longer I who lives but Christ who lives in me. May God bless you

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