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My Candle

It is a long time since I have penned something on this page. Today let metell you about a verse in Psalms. 18: 29 which always motivated me during my trials in life


Thou will lighten my candle.

A candle is a rough stick without any attraction or need to anyone so long as it remains in an unlit stage. It may be beautifully shaped, coloured or designed but totally useless unless it is externally lighted. When it is lighted it gives out light but it is broken and melted internally. The more it gives out light the more it isburning on the inside. For being used for others it has to pay a costly price.

Proverbs. 20. 27 asserts that the spirit of the man is the candle of the Lord. In other words our spirits which are the candles of God are intended to give light only. It is also expected that like candle, it has to burn inside when giving out light. Spirit is the divine part of God which is in every man. The owner of the candle is not man but God. Through all ages and generations God awakens His children to be lights among perverse and crooked generation. The one who has authority to lighten is God Himself. God of this world (devil) blinds the eyes of the people. (2 Corinthians 4:4) Whereas the ElShaddai lightens the people.

To get lightened there is only one condition. Those who looked unto Him were lightened. (Psalms. 34:5) He alone is the lifter up of our countenance. When He lightens the light becomes unsearchable and unquenchable by circumstances or any power of the enemy.

When Lord God lightens my candle, all my darkness is transformed into radiant light. By His strength I am strengthened beyond any limit. His light is my light. His strength is my strength so that I can face troop and leap over a wall. When His light is in my life all hindrances however hard will crumble down

Mathew 5:15 says Neither do men light a candle And put it under a bushel but on a candlestick and it giveth light to all that are in the house.

We are expected to give out light publicly and not secretly in a corner hidden by business or our own activities. First of all those in the house have to see the light. There are many in our house who don’t have this light and those do not know the preciousness of this light. Shine out so that they should see and magnify the Lord because of your good works which is a natural result of light in you.

Luke. 11:33 says that they which come in may see the light. The light cannot and will not be kept in a secret place where there is no one. Light is to be useful to others. Those who are not your own people ie. Outsiders should come in on seeing your light and be partakers of this light.

Luke. 8: 16 says “Not under bed” Light is not to be considered to be an addition to your comforts or relaxation. It is also not expected to be kept as a treasure in

addition to your existing treasures. There is only one life and it will be over soon. So take care to shine out in that limited time.

Yes Lord Thou will light my candle which is my Spirit. Once He lightens it the whole responsibility to utilise it belongs to me only. Praise the Lord.

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