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Certain unforgettable midnights are mentioned in Bible. Let us briefly think about these.

  1. The midnight of Judgement:

Exodus. 11: 4: At midnight when Lord will walk in the midst of Egypt all the firstborn of Egyptions will die. But in Israel none will die because they are redeemed by the blood of the Passover lamb. The Egyptians under their Pharoah had a rare chance to confront with the mighty power of Lord. He did many miracles and afflicted them with various problems. But all of them were still proud and disobedient to Lord. God always gives a chance to people to humble themselves before He strikes! If they persist wilfully, then Lord takes over the the process Himself. This happened in Egypt on that fateful midnight. Jesus Christ is our Passover lamb. He has shed His blood for us. Be sure to come under His protection. Holy Spirit will not strive always with us. (Genesis. 6: 3) Be sure to escape the midnight of judgement of God. ARE YOU SAVED FROM THE DARKEST MOMENT WHEN LORD WILL JUDGE YOU AND PUNISH YOU FOR YOUR SINS?

  1. Midnight of Rejection

Mathew. 25:6 Atthe cry was made, behold the bridegroom comes. Go ye out to meet Him.

All those who are saved are looking forward for the return All of them really wanted to meet Him and go with Him. But only five were wise enough to take oil. They were careful about their lamps. Get the oil of Holy Spirit to get you ready at any time and instant. Once we are saved there is the duty of yielding ourselves completely to Holy Spirit and allow Him to teach and guide us. We are the light of the world and only if we have oil we can keep our lights burning. Beware of being rejected at the critical moment!

  1. Midnight of Praise and Deliverance

Acts. 16: 25 At midnight Paul and Silas prayed and sang praises unto God....

God had directed Paul to Macedonia. He got a very poor welcome there. Paul and Silas were arrested there. Their feet were put in stocks, whole bodies were bruised and d It appeared to be the darkest hour for them in the darkest night. But they praised and sang songs. A great miracle occurred at their singing. The foundations of the prison were shaken and the bands fell down. At the miracle the jailor accepted Christ and a church was born that night in the very place where they were persecuted.

Are you experiencing a dark night now? Our Lord can change any type of darkness, physical, spiritual or mental. Give thanks and praise Him in all situations of life because He is the one who has control and authority over every situation in our lives. All our experiences have a place in His program for us. (1. Thess.5: 18) We can turn all our darkness and obstacles as opportunity for the glory of God. Miracles happen when we start praising God in all our situations of life.

  1. Midnight of Fellowship

Acts. 20. 7......Paul preached unto them....and continued His speech until midnight.

Paul intended to depart on the next day. So they all joined for fellowship and in the process of worshipping they all lost all sense of time. All of them were so immersed in the meeting that they did not realise it was midnight. If only we had such fellowships now when we all enjoy His presence and fellowship of our fellow believers!

There, I have gone through four different midnights. Let us be vigilant so that midnights of judgment and rejection don’t happen to us. Instead let us enjoy the midnight of praise, worship and fellowship. God bless you!

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