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3. Jehovah Adonai

Jehovah Adonai -Lord my Master

Abraham’s lonely walk with God is highly thrilling. He heard the voice of God when he was alone. He was called alone, interceded alone and started the journey of faith alone. He was the one who was alone when he believed Lord. He was totally alone when he was tested. He was also alone in possessing blessings of Lord . God had called him alone, blessed him and multiplied him. In between calling and blessing there is a long process of preparing for the blessing. He was asked to separate from anything and everything which would hinder his fellowship with God. He was tested and he was ready to surrender on the altar what was dearest, nearest and costliest to him. In Genesis chapter12, we read about Abraham beginning the journey of faith. He built altar and worshipped God wherever he went and camped. We see him building an altar (Genesis. 12: 8) in between Bethel and Hai. From that point we see a deviation in his journey. He went to Egypt because of famine may be on the advice and counsel of Lot who had no calling but ventured to journey with him. He stayed out of God’s will, faced humiliation and earned riches from Egypt which was not God’s plan for him. The good point is that he learned his lesson though in a miserable way. He decided to come back to the fellowship of God. (Genesis 13:4) He came back to the same place between Bethel and Hai where he felt deviated from God’s plan for his life. There he worshipped Lord and settled everything with Him. The very next thing Abraham did was to separate himself from Lot. He must have found Lot’s presence with him a hindrance in obeying Lord fully.

In Genesis chapter 14 we find Lot captured by enemies. Abraham with his men defeated the enemies and rescued Lot together with all his possessions. King of Sodom offered to Abraham all the riches of Sodom. But he had learnt his lesson from Egypt. He refused by swearing that he would not take even a shoelace from the king of Sodom. He behaved with the dignity and decency of a child of God. God was pleased with him.

Immediately Lord appeared to him and and offered Himself as his shield and exceeding great reward. Abraham replied “Jehovah Adonai” meaning “Lord my Master”. In other words those who find Him as Lord and Master will have the privilege of having Him as their own shield and exceeding great reward. There God established His covenant wih Abraham. (Genesis 15:18-21)

Thomas called Jesus “My Lord and my God”. This is the greatest reward of a child of God – that is to abide totally in Him, live through Him and and to be with Him. This is what we call in New Testament having Peace with God, Peace in God and Peace of God. Let me ask you my dear friends. Is God the Lord and Master of your life? Then you will have the blessings of Abraham through Jesus Christ (Galatians 3: 14)

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