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4. Jehovah Nissi

Jehovah Nisssi means Lord is our bannerI Banner is thesign of victory. Jehovah is the banner of His children. F we examine the were led to context it is really wonderful how they were led to proclaim that !The occasion is trhe first worship of Israelites after the miraculous deliverance through the red sea.

Chapter 14 of Exodus explains the deliverance through the Red Sea. Six lakhs of men along with their women and children crossed the dry path created for them through the Red Sea. They could not contain their wonder and joy. Chapter 1 is their song of deliverance. After that they experience the huge problem of food for these people.For this also God had a miraculous provision. He rained Manna everyday for the whole multitude. We read about this in chapter 16. When we come to chapter 17 again we find them facing the problem of water. God asked Mosesto strike a rock so that water gushed forth like rivers from it. So far everything went fine. All their problems were solved . This might have led them to a feeling of self satisfaction and complacency. Then came the shattering experience. Amalekites came and killed some people . All of te people were satisfied withe their miraculous provisions and may be too lazy to expect such a disturbance. Moses sent Joshua to the valley to fight the enemy and Moseshimself went up the hill to intercede for the people.Fighting with the enemies was a public act but praying withe lifted arms was done in private. It was Moses’ prayer and not the fighting of Joshua that discomfited the enemy. Private devotions is the key factor in winning any war with devil’s tactics. It is not given that Joshua got weary in fighting. But Moses grew tired that his hands were supported by Aaron and Hur. The was won and Moses built an altar and worshipped God. He called the altar Jehovah Nissi.

Deliverance and providence are not to be relied upon any time in life. Only Jehovah is steady to be relied upon and He is our banner. Praise God! Is Jehovah your banner? Are you always relying upon Him? Are you rlying upon the material blessings He has given you? They got victory only because Jehovah was with them.

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