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A New Body

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A New Body
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A New Body

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God Who Makes Things New

Discover the God who makes all things new. This book discusses this side of God within the Bible, and who is still working within us like this today. 

Review by P.G. Vargis on Jeshuunte Daivam


I have read the book prepared by Smt. Susamma Chacko.  I find that she has received these thoughts from the Lord through her own meditation and study of the Word of God.  Written in a simple style which anybody can understand, these thoughts reflect thoughts which only very few have expressed so far.   The book reveals inner light on the Glorious, Omnipotent and Merciful Lord.  I have no doubt that she received these revelations through Holy Spirit while waiting upon Lord..............


I wish all Malayalee Christians to buy this book and read one chapter daily in their family prayer.  Then our children would have received at least some knowledge about our Father God.  This knowledge would have helped them to  retain a lively and sweet fellowship with Him.....


This God is a good God.  He is not somebody dwelling indifferently in the third heaven beyond the clouds.  But He is a Father who longs

 to walk with us and stay with us every day of our life.  This book will help you to know Him in a deep personal way.Read this book with an open heart and open Bible.....


Review by P.G. Vargis on Azhathinte Anugraham


Sister Susamma Chacko has the unique gift of lifting up the tired faces of believers by giving them the message of hope. She encourages them to proceed forward through her beautiful thoughts of meditation.  Once again she has compiled a book with such thoughts in a simple style which both the educated and uneducated can read and relish.


You should read this book and use it in your family prayer.  You should buy it and give it to both young and old.  This book will help you to understand  that our God is a good God and His grace and longsuffering are very great.


This book has given me the cherished feeling of going into a beautiful garden in the spring time morning!  Hearty congratulations to Susamma Chacko.........  


Review by Sri. L. Sam on Thuranna Swargam


Thuranna Swargam is a collection of beautiful and good articles.  Many things we experience in daily life have been given spiritual interpretation by the author.  This book is an asset to the Malayalam Christian Literature..... Susamma Chacko deserves special commendation for her efforts.


There are long and short articles in this book  .Each article gives a loving invitation to experience the beauty and sweetness of christian life. The spiritual nourishment received by a child of God on reading and meditating the word of God is to be shared to others. The author has succeeded in her efforts regarding this.


The author introduces our Loving God as one who holds our hands and leads us in our childhood, as one who walks along with us in our youth and also as one who sustains us in our old age.This God is a Merciful and Almighty Lord....................


I wish and pray that this wonderful book may help the readers to find Jesus - the only way- to reach our father God.



Review by L. Sam on Maranjirikkunna Manna


This book is a continuation of her previous book Jeshurunte Daivam  and is a detailed study on our loving Lord........... Writings connected with life's experiences are always beautiful and enjoyable to everyone at all times.  It is presumed that the encouragement and acceptance received by her for her previous books Jeshurunte Daivam, Thurana Swargam and  Azhathinte Anugraham have motivated her to present this beautiful book to her readers...........


She has shared twenty articles on the loving Lord whom she has experienced in her own life.  Here is an example."  Jesus who longs to walk along with His friends is one who solves all their problems, doubts and confusions in life.......Yes He is my beloved friend.  Let us open our hearts to Him and talk freely......"  (from the article - Lord who is my loving friend).......................


May God bless her literary efforts.

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