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The Inescapable Question

Today I want to share an idea about an inescapable question we all have to face once in life. We cannot avoid it. Our whole destiny depends on the answer we give to this question.

Jesus Christ was nearing the end of His earthly ministry. His disciples were following Him throughout the last three and a half years. They have seen Him, heard Him and touched Him. He asked them a question “Who do people say that I am?” His disciples had three different answers to this question. Some say that He was John the Baptist. Some say He was Elijah. Some say that He was a prophet like Jeremiah. (Mathew 16:13-17) All the three answers are equally applicable to Him as we see in the following paragraphs.

  1. Some say that He is John the Baptist.

John the Baptist was a man sent from God to pave the way for Jesus. After nearly 400 years after the last prophet Malachi, John the Baptist was sent with a special message from God. John the Baptist appeared as a fearless man. He was brave enough to defy the customs and lifestyles of the prevailing society. He was harsh in opposing the hypocrisy and unjust behaviour of priests and taxpayers. Many were convicted of their sins and were baptised under him in Jordan. He even condemned the wickedness of King Herodas, the wicked ruler at that time. That is to say that he was constantly at war with wickedness, hypocrisy and exploitation of the poor people. So he had the appearance of a social reformer among the society. Even Herod who arrested and killed him was convinced of his holiness and righteousness! People viewed him as a good and able leader.

  1. Some say that Jesus was Elijah.

We all know who Elijah was. He was a mighty prophet under Old Testament who stood unflinchingly for God in a period of utter darkness. He performed many miracles and convinced people that he was sent from God. Many people believe that in times of darkness throughout the ages God sends mighty men of God. So they thought that Jesus was such a man sent from God exclusively for this period. They believed in the miracles of Jesus but refused totrust in Jesus as Messiah.

  1. Some say that He is Jeremiah the weeping prophet.

Some take a step further and consider Him as Jeremiah the weeping prophet. Jeremiah was a prophet who shed tears continuously for his people. Jesus also cried over Jerusalem. He shed tears at the grave of Lazarus. He cried with those who cried.

All these three qualities are totally correct in respect of Jesus. He was a man with a unique style and message like John the Baptist. He was also a man like Elijah who stood alone and performed miracles. He was also burdened like Jeremiah and interceded for the people. Compassion, mercy and holiness are His attributes. Even though what they told was correctly applicable to Him Jesus was not happy or satisfied.

He looked at His disciples who knew Him intimately for the last three and half years and asked a question. “But whom say ye that I am?” A big BUT!

Immediately Peter answered Him. “You are Christ, the Son of the Living God.” Jesus was happy and called him blessed. This is the real revelation. It is not enough that you know Him as a holy and righteous person like John. It is not enough if you see Him only as a miracle working man sent for the present generation. It is not enough if you see Him only as a compassionate man sent for the perishing people. You have to see Him as the Son of God who came down to redeem you and to give eternal life abundantly. Only God can reveal this to you. When you realise this, life is totally changed. You are a new creation born again into the Heavenly Family. For details of Being Born Again please read my previous blog Greatest Decision.

Dear One, Have you ever faced this question? If not I request you to consider this question earnestly. Have you seen Him and accepted Him as the only begotten Son of God who came down to redeem you from sin, sickness and curse? Time is short. One day we all will have to leave this world. If you have faced and answered this question in God’s way, then you are blessed indeed. Yes answer this question NOW itself: BUT WHOM SAY YE THAT I AM?

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