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Seven Morning Glories

Today I am starting a new topic called Seven Morning Glories. The portion selected is from Gospel of John chapter 14. This is a very beautiful chapter which gives hope and encouragement to children of God anywhere at any time. Our lord just before facing the greatest persecution explained about seven beautiful experiences kept ready for those who believe in Him. Let us briefly discuss them. 1. Future Home When Jesus came to this world many followed Him. They came for various reasons. Some came for healing. Some came for deliverance from evil forces. Some came in search of a good leader. Very few came to be taught by Him and they desired the eternal life which was his key message. The words mentioned in John 14 is a message to the last group. Though Jesus healed and delivered many His prime purpose in coming was to give eternal life. Jesus told his disciples that there are many mansions in His Father’s house and that He is going to prepare a place for His beloved. When it is ready He will come again and will take them to their home. We are all strangers and sojourners in this world. Our home is over there. Billy Graham before dying said, ”One day you will hear that Billy Graham is dead. Don’t believe it. I have only changed my address , that is all.” What a beautiful thought! We have a destination namely Father’s House because Jesus said so. There we have an accommodation namely mansions. Jesus has already gone to prepare that place. So we have no need to be troubled because we have the home to rest. The glorious hope of a Christian is to abide with Jesus in his future home!!

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