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Jehovah Tsidikeenu (Jeremiah 23:6, 33:16)

“Jehovah My Righteousness” is referred in the above two passages. He is a restoring God. He allows chastening for our own good. He is not a destroyer but a builder. Before building up, at times He might allow a demolition if necessary to a certain level and period. After that He will restore what He built and what He allowed to be demolished. That is His own style of functioning. Every branch in Him that bears fruit He prunes so that it may bear more fruit. He does not prune to destroy but to make it more beautiful. Jeremiah 33:6 revels that God promises His own children health, healing, abundance of peace and truth. These are the four things that make a man happy and contented., viz. health, healing, peace and truth in abundance. This total restoration which is going to be witnessed by everybody else even their enemies will be cause for the majesty and glory of God.

God is a righteous god. He will execute righteousness in His own time. It may seem that unrighteousness prevail for some time. But God never forgets His own children. He is our righteousnessin all aspects. He upholds all who fall down and raises up all who are bowed down. (Psalms. 145: 14) His covenant with day and night are eternal (Jeremah 33: 20, 21) So firm is His own righteousness and mercy towards them who look to Him, depend on Him, and cry out to Him. He will never fail. He is a righteous judge. He took our sins on Himself to make us righteous in God’s sight. He took our punishment on Himself. We can never be righteous by our own efforts and satisfy the demands of righteousness by God. God has set apart the godly for Himself and He sets Himself as His righteousness.

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