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My Testimony

Dear friends, today after a long period of absence I am starting my blog again. I am now staying on vacation in Los Angeles with my daughter for a period of three months from now. Due to preparations for journey, getting acquainted with the new surroundings etc made me delay my blogs. This time I think I will share with you what a wonderful thing that the Lord did in my life. I find this life too short to praise Him and exalt His greatness!

You see I am an ordinary woman born and brought up in a middle class family in Kerala, southernmost state of India. My parents were teachers. My mother was a very godly woman and she made me acquainted with Lord Jesus at a very young age. Her advice to me was that I should make Jesus my best friend and love Him more than anybody or anything in this world till the end of my life. I got a job in Trivandrum after I took my college Degree with Physics as my main subject. According to our custom my marriage was arranged by my parents wih Philipose Chacko in 1976 and we have two daughters both of them married now.

In 1978, I had some problem with my left eye. I was wearing glasses for short sight which needed correction occasionally. But this time the doctor found that I was having retinal detachment in the left eye which needed surgery immediately. As there was no such hospital in Trivandrum at that time he advised me to go to a retinal specialist in Chennai, I had my surgery at the age of 25 years and there was a little improvement. But in course of time the vision decreased and I had only 10-20% vision in that eye. I still had my good eye and I could use it efficiently and it did not bother me at all. Things went on for some time like this.

In 1997 on April 17th I was involved in an accident and the two bones of my leg were broken into two pieces. I had to undergo surgery, bone grafting etc. As a result I had to spend the next seven months as an invalid totally bedridden. Now as I look back, it was really a period of blessing in my life. I separated this period of inactivity to study and learn Bible. While I was still on sickbed I noticed that my vision in right eye (good one) was reducing gradually. It was something which I could not face! Once I was out of bed I went straight to an eye specialist and he could not find out the real problem with my eye. I consulted all doctors available in our city and also went to famous Arvind Eye Hospital, Madurai and Sankar Nethralaya in Chennai. All they said was that I was getting blind slowly due to degeneration of eye muscles and tissues! I did not know what to do and I was broken completely. I still had more than 15 years of govt service before retirement. My daughters were only studying. Everything was in a chaos.

I was at wits end. Why me God? I have been sincerely following Him upto this far, then what happened etc were my thoughts. I felt there was no remedy in medical science. (That was the impression I got from doctors.) Still I continued with my job and household chores. Gradually I came to a stage where I could read only a few centimetres away from my eye. I could not recognise people even sitting across my table. I expected a miraculous intervention from Lord and began to spend time at his feet from 3am onwards every morning. I used to cry at his feet with only two demands. Either heal me or take me home to you!! Will anyone die of eye problem? When day breaks out at 6am I will get up and involve myself in household chores to send my daughters to school and college. At times I get promises from Bible falling into my heart. Immediately I comfort myself that everything was ok. But when day comes everything is still bleak! This state of affairs went on for three years. I concentrated myself on the promises of Bible and read many books on healing written by many servants of God. I surrendered myself completely to Him. I settled with God and my friends, relatives etc whatever Holy Spirit brought to my mind. By this time my problem was diagnosed as a rare form of cateract. But doctors were reluctant to have surgery on me in the existing method saying that the conventional method will cause retinal detachment in the eye because already I am wearing high powered glasses for short sight.

At last I was dragged to a stage where I could not proceed even one day at office. So I planned to take voluntary retirement. I wrote my first book Jehovah Raphah (Healing God) at this time. That book came out from a bleeding but determined heart that only Lord can do wonders to me. Before taking the crucial step of retirement my husband suggested that we should go to Aravind Eye Hospital, Madurai one last time. By this time I was totally dependent on another for travelling and going. Anyway this time they took up my case saying that a new method has been developed for surgery (Phaeco method) which may give me a little more vision. I submitted myself to the doctors like a guinea pig set apart for experiment!

I came out of the operation theatre with bandage over my eye. Many thoughts of fear, discouragement, fear about my children’s future etc were bombarding my heart like bullets from AK47 gun! After one hour nurse came to put medicine in my eye and removed bandage. I looked up at her face and saw it as clear as crystal Lord gave me eyesight to see everything up to the heavens. All glory to God for His magnificient, glorious, gracious, everlasting Name!

Dear friends I am enjoying perfect eyesight for the last 18 years. Again I was attacked with Retinal Detachment and Vein rupture (three times) in the same eye. But each time He brought me back to new life having 6/6vision in that eye. I am convinced that He restored my life , my dreams , my vision etc only because He had a specific plan for my life. Once in my desperation I planned to retire early. But I continued in my job, got three more promotions and retired as a Class I Officer of Central Government of India. I have published eight books now. My only desire in life is to live out His plan in my life and burn out for Him. All glory to His name. Each time I see any new thing here in US I thank God because He is the one who gave me this privilege!!

If you are desperate and at your wit’s end, I want to confirm that there is a living and loving God who cares for you. You are unique in everything and special in His creation. There is nobody like you in the whole Universe. He has a specific plan for you which you only can fulfil. Please take time to find, follow and finish His will concerning you.

Thank You.

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