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Seven Morning Glories (Final Part)

3. Future Achievements (John 14: 12)

He who believes in Lord Jesus will do the work of Lord in the same intensity and power. He will do greater works than Jesus did. Lord’s plan for usis that we should grow up to His stature of Jesus Christ. Lord Jesus wants to do great things through those who believe in Him. (Mark 16: 17) The name of Jesus is exalted above every other name in all the earth, heavens and all the underworld. There are many promises to those who believe as follows: -

Our physical needs will be met. (Psalms 37: 3) ...verily thou shall be fed.

  1. Blessings beyond our limit and measure! (Mark 9: 23)

  2. All things are possible to him who believes.

  3. Answers to prayer (Mark 11: 23)

  4. All obstacles will be removed (Luke 17:6)

  5. The privilege of sonship (John 1: 12)

  6. Eternal life (John 3: 14)

  7. Satisfied life (John 6: 35)

  8. Spiritual enlightenment (John 12: 46)

  9. Power to serve (John 14: 12)

4. Future Resources (verse 13)

“Whatever ye ask in my name...”There is no limit to our previleges.The only point to get anything done from Father is to ask in His name. H is Name and His Power and His Spirit always work together The route is only through His name!The purpose should be only for His glory.His Name, His Power and His Spirit always work together to help us to have the impossible things done for His Glory!

5. Future Companionship ( Verse 16)

A Helper is promised to abide with us for ever. Always we have His presence with us to help us, guide us, bless us, cheer us, warn us, correct us and to teach us.

6. Future Legacy (Verse 27)

“My Peace I give unto you” is our legacy.Not “Peace” or any other kind of peace but the Peace of Lord Jesus Christ. This peace passes all knowledge and prevails in adverse circumstances.The peace of Lord Jesus is the peace which we can experience in all storms and in all trials of life.The peace which this world offers works only as long as everything goes on smoothly.

7. Future Joy (Verse 28)

A Christian’s joy is an inner joy which never depends on any outside factor. It is the joy of the Father and the Son and is inspired by the Holy Spirit. The

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